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We have all heard about easy online money making secrets, affiliate sales and all sorts of ways to earn by reselling other peoples products. There are many guides that claim to be the best way to maximize sales and reach large number of customers, none of which are made to really explain how the whole process works but rather have pages of text talking about where and how to search for internet traffic. Let's make this story really short and go over the whole process step by step in as few words as possible and point you to one website which can give you real traffic – BreezeAds.

In order to sell anything you'll need to be registered at affiliate sales website such as ClickBank. The process of doing so is simplified and takes just a few minutes. After registering just browse through their marketplace and choose which products you want to promote, get your affiliate links, banners and anything you can from sellers there. At this point, you're ready to make sales if you have a website with traffic. Speaking about traffic, there are two ways to get some, both will cost you and both entangle doing some advertising. You can use your own website with affiliate links and drive traffic to it or you can use other people’s websites which do have traffic of their own and put your affiliate links there. The best way to do this is BreezeAds. clickbank affiliates


Why BreezeAds? Compared to other ways of advertising, this network functions in a somewhat specific way, it's based on PPC (Pay Per Click) method, which is still most of the online sellers favorite advertising way since it has proved to be extremely cost effective. The specifics of advertising in this way are paying for the clicks you get to your link and its price versus the money you can make from each of clicks. unlike others (Google for example) allows for direct affiliate link advertising on one hand, without having to research keywords on the other hand. This can really cut down costs of PPC advertising campaigns since there is no competition you need to beat by offering more money to get your links exposed.

How to integrate BreezeAds and your ClickBank links? It's easy, you'll have to register with BreezeAds and create advertising campaign. This can be done on less than 15 minutes and you are allowed to have more than one campaign based on the number of your affiliate products and the money you wish to spend on advertising. Creating ads is done by providing banner (one you got from ClickBank) and your link, choosing category you wish to advertise in and adding a short text to your ad. Once you make a payment for your campaign you're ready to start advertising and earn from your links.

Where do your links appear and what kind of traffic can you expect for your money?  BreezeAds is advertising network with list of highly rated websites which create lots of traffic on their own (known as publishers). This is where your ads will appear, based on category you have chosen when creating ad and text you added to it you will get specific (targeted) audience – will contextually match publisher website content to the one from your ads text. The goal is to provide you with best possible traffic money can buy.

From everything written above, affiliates marketing  you see that earning with can be really easy; starting your own online affiliate sales business can be done in a matter of minutes even if you don't have a website of your own. When looking for simple and effective solution, look for BreezeAds.